About diet

about 90 day diet plan

The 90 day diet is the most pleasant, but also a very efficient food regime. It does not put you any limits regarding specific food products. Instead, you should try to eat the products that are from the food group corresponding to the specific day of the regime. There’s a day for proteins, a day for beans and legume, one for carbohydrates and fruits. There’s even a water day for the most ambitious among you. As its name says, the water day requires from you to consume only water. Note that this day is not an obligatory, but still a recommended one.

The 90 day diet is suitable for almost any person. Its effect is not only to lose weight, but also to improve the blood pressure, the metabolism, to provide more energy for the body without the necessity to consume additional food supplements or medications, as well as to make your hair and skin glowing, healthy and beautiful. Moreover – the diet outcomes with long-lasting results and with no unpleasant afterwards surprises such as yo-yo effect after it’s over.