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Interesting facts for the carbohydrates

carbs day

There’s no doubt that anyone, who follows the 90-day diet, prefers the carbohydrate day at most. And the reasons for such a preference are numerous. Well, first of all, the food products, which are allowed for this day, are quite various and enough to let you make different improvisations in your culinary adventures. On the other side, though, the carbs are in many cases our favorite foods. The fact that there’s such a day in the 90-day diet speaks of itself. The carbs day is a proof that this food regime does not include too many limits and privations, but on the contrary – it’s kind of liberal even to people who love eating more caloric foods and meals.

80% of people on 90-day diet find difficulties with the starch day

starch day

According to a research carried out by dietologists, which study the effect of the Rina’s 90 day diet, claim that people usually find some serious difficulties with the starch day. Once these people have been gone through in-deep inquiry, it turned out that the problem is in the fact they have not been prepared with the proper information regarding the diet, but mostly regarding this specific legume day. Some people, for instance, hardly distinguish the products they are allowed to consume within this day, while others simply don’t like it as they feel limited in the kitchen when not having any meals in mind to prepare.

The fruity role in 90-day diet

fruit day on 90 day diet

The structure of the proper 90-day diet regime suggest one of the four main day types in this diet to be devoted to its majesty, the world of fruits. Besides as a fruity day, you can also meet it by the name of Vitamin day. However, don’t get confused by these names as during the rest of the days from the diet – starch, carbohydrate and protein – you do consume vitamins, too.

For proteins, with love

protein foods

One of the most satiating and probably, even festive day within the Rina’s 90-day diet, is the protein day. The protein day offers you the chance not only to supress your hunger from the previous days (especially, a hard water day or highly rich in vitamins day of fruits), but also to run your kitchen skills high. It’s because proteins makes you eat heartily, while the protein day unlocks your creativity in the kitchen as there are many recipes allowed to be cooked at home with proteins. Moreover – when you are on a protein day from the 90-day diet, you can even eat at the outdoors.

Water day – what it is and what it brings

water detox day

The 90-day diet for weight loss and robust constitution improvement includes a typical plan schedule for food regime. According to this regime there are specific days where you eat specific food groups (like proteins, carbohydrates and etc). Those of you, who feel more ambitious regarding the 90-day diet results, though, might add to the food regime a specially tailored detox day. This day is also known as the water day or the day you consume only water. In today’s material we will meet you in details with the water detox day and in addition to this, we will offer you a couple of helpful tips about it.