Day 4 or Vitamins / Fruits Day

The structure of the proper 90-day diet regime suggests one of the four main day types in this diet to be devoted to its majesty, the world of fruits. Besides as a fruity day, you can also meet it by the name of Vitamin day. However, don’t get confused by these names as during the rest of the days from the diet – starch, carbohydrate and protein – you do consume vitamins, too.

When should I eat fruit during Rina’s 90 day diet?

It’s important to remember that fruit day always follows carbohydrate day. The logic behind this consequence is hidden in the reason that you consume lots of calories during the carbohydrate day, which is why vitamin day serves the role of a detox and refreshing day. However, the fruity role in 90-day diet does not end with the vitamin day at all.

The only allowed breakfast type in the 90-day diet is the fruit breakfast!

As you know, the breakfast in 90-day diet is always any type of fruit. You should consume only one kind of fruit and you are allowed to have two pieces of it. Thus, you can start your day with two bananas, two apples or even two peaches. In case you prefer small berries, make sure the total amount of your breakfast does not exceed 300 grams (for instance, 300 grams of raspberries, strawberries or blueberries).

Note that during the water day from Rina’s 90 day diet it’s recommended to skip the traditional breakfast, the fruits. The idea of this special day is to refine your organism by consuming only water. However, in case starvation is not a thing for you, you can replace the standard breakfast of fruits with some fruity juice.

Is it possible to include any extra food types in our menu for the fruit day?

The 90-day diet does not aim to torture your body, but on the contrary – with specific compromises to be made, a couple of light limits, but strict plan for a proper food regime, the idea is to cleanse your body and give your self-confidence back with fantastic body curves. Here’s why during vitamin day there are a couple of additional food products you can add to the fruits – raw nuts, raw neutral vegetables and combos of all of them in the form of juices. By neutral veggies we mean all leaf-type veggies, broccoli, cabbage, vegetable marrow and those vegetables we usually use as spices, like parsley, virgin soil and onion.

Top rules of fruit day from the 90-day diet

During the fruit day, you don’t follow the fruit rule you know from your everyday breakfast of the 90-day diet. In other words, you are not obliged to eat only one type of fruit per meal. You are allowed to make different combos even with dried fruits, but please be careful with them, as they are quite caloric. The same refers to the stewed fruits, as well as to coconut, which although familiar as an exotic fruit, usually appears in the fruit day as flour or fat for cooking. The top important rule for vitamin day is to have 2 hours between meals. The dinner should be light and some specialists even recommend having fruit juice. No salt and oil consumed should be consumed.

Interesting recipes

The easiest way to strictly obtain the fruit day rule is to consume only raw fruits and neutral veggies every 2 hours. This practice, though, might not be liked by any taste, while people with more sensitive stomachs might even occur with stomach irritation or heartburn syndrome. Fortunately, we’ve got a couple of interesting recipes to try in order to diversify your vitamin day meal course. Yes, that’s right – even limited with the food products, you can still have some awesome culinary day in your kitchen. Test these meals on mandatory:

  1. Fruit gruel – select your most favorite fruits (it’s essential to add at least one pulpy fruit type) and puree them well. Add some crushed nuts for decoration and if you want a bit lighter consistency, mix with one tablespoon of coconut oil.
  2. Prepare a smoothie with your favorite fruit and a combo of fresh green veggies. Add crushed ice and spice up with a couple of mint leaves.
  3. Round loaf with dried fruits – choose 4 types of dried fruits and mix 100 grams per type in water to soak. Then, crush them all in a blender and add 200 grams of coconut flour, as well as some almonds. Make some dough and if you want to, bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

If you are thrilled to learn even more cool recipes for the fruit day, we strongly recommend you to download our 90-day diet mobile app premium version right away! We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by our suggestions and tips in the specially tailored section full of tasty and healthy meal recipes for each day of the diet.