Rina’s 90 Day Diet App

rina 90 day diet app

Our Rina’s 90 day diet application is simple to be used and quite functional, including for newbies in keeping a diet. The mobile app is equipped with the full pack of necessary and helpful functions. With this application you immediately receive the entire recommended and required information for your proper everyday healthy menu.

Additional Features

Meanwhile, you also get the chance to trace your progress in kilograms or pounds. Moreover – our customer support team will serve as kindly as possible. Thus, for instance, we promise to constantly remind you about your daily diet or weight loss progress via our morning notifications.

To start the effective 90 day diet all you need to do is to download the app via Apple App Store or Google Play! Install it on your mobile device and let your body transformation start now!

Premium version of the app

The paid Rina’s 90 day diet app version is suitable to all of you, who have already started the food regime and installed the standard free application version. But the premium version comes with a solid pack of extras to enjoy and simplify your new diet regime.

Through the premium version you will receive access to more recipes that will diversify your everyday healthy diet. In this version the progress statistics is also modified and improved (for instance, you can trace your waist size reduction in centimeters or inches).

And here’s the greatest news ever – you get all of these in our paid version with all the boring ads excluded and shut down! Eat healthy food, lose weight, enjoy your new body curves without being distracted by the annoying paid advertisements.

Are you already on this easy and efficient diet? Then, do not hesitate to buy the premium version to achieve even greater results!