Day 1 or Protein Day

One of the most satiating and probably, even festive day within Rina’s 90-day diet is protein day. The protein day offers you the chance not only to suppress your hunger from the previous days (especially a hard water day or highly rich in vitamins day of fruits), but also to run your kitchen skills high. It’s because proteins make you eat heartily, while the protein day unlocks your creativity in the kitchen as there are many recipes allowed to be cooked at home with proteins. Moreover – when you are on a protein day from the 90-day diet, you can even eat outdoors.


Being a top nutrition that brings you energy, muscular mass and amino acids for proper metabolism, proteins are also important for overall organism recharging, as well as for keeping your body in top shape and health condition.

We know two types of proteins. The first one is animal protein. It’s considered to be nourishing. Fish, all types of meat, eggs and dairy products are animal proteins. The second type of protein is plant protein and you find it in nuts, some beans and most of the green leafy veggies.

There are nutritionists that consider protein types as fast and slow absorbing proteins. According to them, the speed of protein absorption into the body is more significant than its origin. That’s how there are plant proteins, which are not so nourishing (as animal proteins are according to the common opinion), but are of a slow absorbing type.

In all cases, though, regardless of what protein we are talking about, it always comes with the same quantity of calories per serve. Thus, 1 gram of any protein type always has 4 calories.


Proteins are not just useful, but also life-saving and supporting nutritious for the body. Yet, we cannot just miss mentioning some of the most popular benefits proteins come with:

  1. They help cells to reproduce.
  2. They give the body energy and strength, which means they are a must in case you are active in the gym or you are a sportsman, including if you are passing a hard rehabilitation course after a long recovery or tough disease.
  3. They make your immune system stronger and, meanwhile, improve all fighting skills your organism has against free radicals.
  4. Thanks to the proteins, the body can easily assimilate lots of important minerals and vitamins such as calcium, for example.
  5. Proteins eliminate hunger. They can satiate you fast without getting hungry again in no time.
  6. Some proteins keep your hormones regular.
  7. Proteins improve metabolism.

Here are the top foods for your protein day within the 90-day diet:

  1. Lunch – chicken or pork meat with cabbage, baked chicken with lemon or beer, baked veal with green onion, meatballs with tomato sauce, baked fish.
  2. Dinner – mushrooms with cheese and green salad, peppers stuffed with egg and cheese, green salad with chicken and yogurt-garlic sauce, green salad with tuna, baked broccoli with milk and edam, goat cheese with spinach and nuts, vegetarian gram balls, baked vegetable marrow.

And what about you? Do you have your own favourite dish recipe for the protein day within the 90-day diet?