Day 2 or Starch Day

According to research carried out by nutritionists, which study the effect of Rina’s 90 day diet, claim that people usually find some serious difficulties with the starch day. Once these people have been gone through in-deep inquiry, it turned out that the problem is in the fact they have not been prepared with the proper information regarding the diet, but mostly regarding this specific legume day. Some people, for instance, hardly distinguish the products they are allowed to consume within this day, while others simply don’t like it as they feel limited in the kitchen when not having any meals in mind to prepare.

Due to all of these and because our mobile app has been created to fully simplify your life when you are on the 90-day diet, today, we embrace the mission to meet you with everything you have to know about the Beans day.

What does the starch and beans day from the 90-day diet is?

This day is a general day from Rina’s 90 day diet. It follows the protein day and right after the legume day, comes the carbohydrate day. The starch day or the beans day has also been known by the name of legume day, which is why this is the day you can actually eat potatoes. It’s actually common mistake for many people to believe potatoes are allowed during the protein or carbohydrate day as it’s an ordinary vegetable. There’s one more interesting common mistake people on the 90-day diet make – they eat peas as part of the fruit day, because they think it’s a neutral veggie. As a matter of fact, peas are part of the starch day. And here’s what – so is the corn. On the other side, peanuts are products from the starch, but not from the vitamin day. The confusion here is due to the fact that no everybody knows that peanuts are actually not nuts. Last, but not least, the starch day does not require from you to on mandatory boil the products you consume. You can also stew, fry and bake them. Some products are even allowed to be eaten raw – like peanuts. Note that during the starch day you should have 2 hours of a pause between the meals, just like in any other day from the 90-day diet.

Besides the products we have mentioned as complex and mistaken – potatoes, peanuts, peas and corn – you are allowed to add many more in your menu for the starch day. Here’s the full list of the things you can cook and consume on this day:

  1. Rice.
  2. Beans, including French beans.
  3. Bread, but only whole grain.
  4. Lentils.
  5. Any cereal.
  6. Neutral veggies – leaf-type vegetables, onion, parsley, virgin soil, peppers.


Moreover – we are here to prove you this fact. Due to this we would like to offer you our list of the top recipes to prepare at home with no hesitations or remorse you are doing something not allowed by the rules of the 90-day diet.

Rich lentils stew

Cleanse the lentils and put it on the pot to boil. Once it boils, add peppers, virgin soil, onion and garlic you should slice in advance. Before the stew is ready, sprinkle with black pepper. Serve with green onions and parsley.

Rice with veggies

Cook the rice the following way: boil rice and water in 1 to 3 proportion and then, leave it for 15 minutes at the lowest degree on the pot. Remove it and let the rice rest with the lid closed. Within this time stew in a pan with a bit coconut oil peas, corn, French beans and onion. Sprinkle with red pepper and then, add the rice. Serve with fennel and lemon juice.

Mediterranean quinoa

Pour 50 ml boiling water in a bowl with 100 grams of quinoa. Let the quinoa swell up. During this time blanch in boiling water for 10 minutes 50 grams of broccoli and 100 grams of finely cleansed nettle. Filter the products before adding them to the quinoa. Now, it’s time for the rest of the ingredients: in a hot pan add some vegetable oil and stew one vegetable marrow, one red pepper and half red onion. Add the mixture to the rest products.

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