Water day – what it is and what it brings

The 90-day diet for weight loss and robust constitution improvement includes a typical plan schedule for food regime. According to this regime, there are specific days where you eat specific food groups (like proteins, carbohydrates and etc.). Those of you, who feel more ambitious regarding the 90-day diet results, though, might add to the food regime a specially tailored detox day. This day is also known as the water day or the day you consume only water. In today’s material, we will introduce you in detail to the water detox day, and in addition to this, we will offer you a couple of helpful tips about it.

The water day in 90 day diet

The classical 90-day diet appoints the water day on the 29th day of the food regime. Usually, specialists recommend the water detox day to be executed after the fruit day. In practice, though, lots of today’s nutritionists are willing to give you compromising tips that allow the water day to follow any more nutritive day from the diet – such as the day of the protein or the carbohydrate day. In all cases, a day during which you consume only water brings amazing benefits to the body, including full detox, immune system and metabolism improvement, the reduction of the free radicals in the body and even motivation for the body to self-fight bacteria and infections.

Indeed, the first reaction of some of you might be something like this: “A whole day on water only? It’s too hard!”. By all means, starvation might be a too tough task to perform. Here’s why the water detox day is not mandatory, and on the other side, those of you, who are still eager to perform it, get consolatory news: the whole Rina 90 day diet includes only three water days. Even if you succeed in having only one water day during your 90-day diet, on mandatory, give yourself a huge bonus point for the courage, motivation and last, but not least, the achieved benefits!


Speaking of which, let us show you the specific health benefits of having a water detox day:

  1. The blood circulation significantly improves, which leads to the creation of new blood cells that, on the other side, will unlock the immune system mechanism to self-fight both: infections and microbes.
  2. Drinking water on an empty stomach, in general, has a detox effect on the intestines and if you consume only water during the whole day, you will also improve their functions.
  3. The way day makes your kidneys stronger, too.
  4. The day when you consume only water affects your entire life as the detox process focuses mainly on the elimination of both: body toxins and free radicals.


Please, have in mind that during the water day from the 90-day diet, besides pure water, you can also prepare cooling and fresh lemonade (with water, lemon slices and ice), as well as to drink tea, but with no sugar, and if you experience weakening or your motivation suddenly starts leaving you, do not worry or hesitate to have 100-200 ml vegetable stock. A drink of leaf vegetable, fruity or a mix of both of them juice is also a good idea. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they will additionally shake your motivation. Plus – these drinks will harden your body when it’s in detox mode.

Good luck and do not be shy to share your personal adjustment for a water detox day within a 90-day diet!