Rina's 90 Day Diet: Divided Nutrition

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rina 90 day diet

What is the 90-Day Diet?

Lose weight with an ease, but with no deprivation of any food products with the Rina’s 90 day diet. The only thing you should do is to stick to correct food grouping nutrition. In other words, you should know what proteins, beans and legumes, carbohydrates and fruits are, as well as the proper order of their consumption. Most of you will be pleasantly surprised that during the carbs day you can literally eat what you want, including your top favourite food. It’s the day you can even enjoy your beloved chocolate, have a cake and grab an ice-cream on a sunny walk!

There’s no reason to worry about any yo-yo effect after the end of the diet or about the stress you can put your body on when keeping it. There’s no place for any worries in this diet at all! So are you ready to lose weight easily! Let’s get started then!