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What is the 90-Day Diet?

Lose weight with ease, but with no deprivation of any food products with Rina’s 90 day diet. The only thing you should do is to stick to correct food grouping nutrition for three months. In other words, you should know what proteins, beans and legumes, carbohydrates and fruits are, as well as the proper order of their consumption. Most of you will be pleasantly surprised that during the carbs day you can literally eat what you want, including your top favourite food. It’s the day you can even enjoy your beloved chocolate, have a slice of cake and grab an ice cream on a sunny walk!

There’s no reason to worry about any yo-yo effect after the end of the diet or about the stress you can put your body on when keeping it. There’s no place for any worries in this diet at all! So are you ready to lose weight easily! Let’s get started then!

Meal Plan (Food list)

The 90 day challenge diet is the most pleasant, but also a very efficient meal plan. It does not put you any limits regarding specific food products, as recommended by the World Health Organization. Instead, it would help if you tried to eat the products from the food group menu corresponding to the specific day of the regime. The diet is based on the books, written by M. Poljansek and B. Hrobat, under the direction of Dr. Stefan Celan.

In the evening reduce the amount by half. Drink water regularly and do not consume alcohol.

Rina's 90 Day Diet - 6 IMPORTANT Tips for Excellent Results
Rina’s 90 Day Diet – 6 IMPORTANT Tips for Excellent Results

There’s a day for proteins, a day for beans and legumes, one for carbohydrates and fruits. There’s even a water day (day 29) for the most ambitious among you. As its name says, the water day requires water consumption only. Note that this day is not obligatory, but still a recommended one.

Protein daysStarches daysCarbohydrate daysVitamin Days
Dried fruits
Rina’s 90 Day Diet Meal Plan Example (Food List)


On mandatory they must be reconciled with the concrete day from the diet and not contain any of the prohibited ingredients. In the detailed pages per each of the day groups from 90 days diet on our website, you can find tested cooking recipes, while for even a richer selection of food recipes, better download our app. We have prepared both easy and quick-to-make dishes, as well as more twisted culinary temptations. Of course, you will have all the necessary products with weights, as well as the most detailed guide for their preparation (step by step).


Rina’s 90 day diet is suitable for almost any person. Its effect is not only to lose weight, but also to improve the blood pressure, the metabolism, to provide more energy for the body without the necessity to consume additional food supplements or medications, as well as to make your hair and skin glowing, healthy and beautiful. Moreover – the diet plan outcomes with long-lasting results and with no unpleasant afterwards surprises such as the yo-yo effect after it’s over.


We are extremely happy to receive lots of positive feedback. Meanwhile, we remind you not to hesitate to publish your personal claims, inquiries or offers, too. They will help us improve our product for the Rina diet aiming to put it on even a higher level.

Perfection is hard to be achieved, but still, it’s not a mission impossible. This is how weight loss works, too!

Every day we receive questions such as “When does weight loss start?”, “How do you do it?”, “How many kilograms do you lose?”, “What can you eat?”, “Why don’t I lose weight?”, etc., which we try to answer as quickly and usefully as possible.

For this purpose, you can join our official Facebook page, where there is also a lot of information and you can communicate with other people who have undergone this diet. We will be happy to share your progress with photos – before and after.

Jessica's transformation with the Rina's 90-day diet program: Before and after comparison.
Jessica – before and after


It’s my second time being on the Rina diet. The first time was back 5 years ago and it did have some good effect on my body as I succeeded in losing about 10 kilos without effort. The only frustrating thing back in those times was that I was supposed to consider and think about what to eat all the time. Now, when I have this app, it’s just not hard at all and I don’t have that issue from before.


I went on Rina’s 90 day diet after I gave birth. It occurred to me suddenly and by chance – I just read an article on the web and then found this useful digital assistant. The effect was amazing. I lost almost 20 kilos (Ok, I suppose not sleeping and carrying the kid away all day long did their job, too.)


My first meeting with this application was a bit disappointing – I had been already on the diet and it just did not let me adjust the settings with a date before. So I got in touch with the developers and they responded me that there’s such an option to be added soon. 2 weeks after this conversation, I was informed I can now make my personal time settings. Now I don’t wonder what type of food should I eat every day and I am very thrilled to follow my progress every day. Just want to say – congrats, guys, you have made a truly helpful product!


I started the diet skeptically when I was in menopause. There were no visible results until the beginning of the second month, but this is probably due to my age, probably the already slowed metabolism and hormonal imbalance. In the end, I lost almost 7 kilograms when I was 65. I was very pleasantly surprised. And one more thing – do not forget to move, otherwise you will sit hungry, it will not work.


Rina’s 90 Day Diet App

Rina's 90 Day Diet App Dashboard showing various statistics, charts, and progress indicators related to the user's diet and fitness journey.

Our Rina’s diet application is simple to be used and quite functional, including for newbies in keeping a diet. The mobile app is equipped with the full pack of necessary and helpful functions. With this application, you immediately receive the entire recommended and required information for your proper everyday healthy menu.

Additional Features

Meanwhile, you also get the chance to trace your progress in kilograms or pounds. Moreover – our customer support team will serve as kindly as possible. Thus, for instance, we promise to constantly remind you about your daily diet or weight loss progress via our morning notifications.

To start the effective 90 day diet all you need to do is to download the app via Apple App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery! Install it on your mobile device and let your body transformation start now!

Premium version of the app

The paid Rina’s 90 day diet app version is suitable for all of you, who have already started the food regime and installed the standard free application version. But the premium version comes with a solid pack of extras to enjoy and simplify your new diet regime.

Through the premium version you will receive access to more recipes that will diversify your everyday healthy diet. Тhe progress statistics are also modified and improved (for instance, you can trace your waist size reduction in centimeters or inches).

And here’s the greatest news ever – you get all of these in our paid version with all the boring ads excluded and shut down! Eat healthy food, lose weight, enjoy your new body curves without being distracted by the annoying paid advertisements.

Are you already on this easy and efficient diet? Then, do not hesitate to buy the premium version to achieve even greater results!